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What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

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Re: What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

Postby SandraMaria » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:48 pm

Well, I have so many interests. My other hobbies are embroidery, crochet, knit, sewing (bags, clothes, softies, baby books...), painting on wood, doing yoga, doodling, making zentangles and lately drawing Mandalas. Also enjoy cooking.
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Re: What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

Postby Lyudmila » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:50 am

I used to do knitting, crochetting, scrapbooking, even gardening. Now I have to think if I have any hobby other than cross stitching. I adore reading about the history of places and then visiting them if possible. Can this count?
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Re: What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

Postby Beaj » Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:37 am

WH_:{ Just also remembered I have also done some of those rubber band bracelets...
They were selling to children 8 years or older and I am definitely older.. Gi{{

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Re: What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

Postby glueckskatze » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:15 pm

Besides cross stitching, I sometimes crochet. I also make beaded Stars for the christmas tree and 3D cards. Reading is another of my hobbies and watching movies (mostly horror, old movies and old crimeshows like Maigret). If the weather fits, I love to spent time outside in the garden with my kitties (they have a netted enclosure on the patio with two Kitty houses, some plants, catnipp and a small pool).
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Re: What other Hobbies interest you besides Cross Stitch?

Postby Arlandria83 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:36 pm

Hey guys!!
Cross stitch used to pretty much be the only hobby I had time for, once upon a time. Then I went to college and university as both a mature student and a single parent and had time for no hobbies at all! Since I finished, however, I've dabbled in a lot and not much of it has been cross stitch!
- My biggest hobby at the moment is crochet - I love to make soft toys for my nieces, or snuggly afghans for cold winters. Currently I'm working on a rainbow gradient pram blanket for our rainbow baby due in December. I can also knit, but I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy crochet. I am trying my hand at knitted cardigans at the moment though!
- I like to draw - mostly pencil sketches but also digital art as I love the freedom you have to make changes in digital programs. If you run out of space on paper you run out of space, but with digital you can just make the canvas bigger. I love that. Mostly I draw my own fictional characters - fantasy creatures such as elves and minotaurs.
- I've also been dabbling in dress making for babies, and a bit of quilting also. I am not very good at it yet - my sewing machine and I are not the best of friends - but I'm not giving up. I spent two years as a pattern cutter at a local independent fashion label, and most of the seamstresses were younger than me. If they can do it, so can I!
- I love to play board games and we have quite an extensive collection in our front room. Some classics, such as Scrabble or Monopoly, (a lot of My Little Pony editions for our son!) but mostly new games. I spend a bit of time playing Dungeons and Dragons too - It's something my partner and my 13 yo son are very heavily into, and a lot of fun can be had with some random characters around a table, throwing a dragon at them and seeing what happens. I also play World of Warcraft on the computer....somewhere in between all of that....
- And now I want to pick up my cross stitching again!! I want to make an afghan using the VCSS Fantasy bears series, and I've been hanging onto the EMS babybook patterns for well over 10 years now, and want to make the farm animals one for "Bean".
....I'm not sure where I will find the time....something will have to give!! We don't need sleep, do we?

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