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Prayer Request for Charlie

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Prayer Request for Charlie

Postby daisy_lil2000 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:49 am

Charlie is my neighbor, his in his 70's and was diagnosed with throat cancer at the beginning of this year, he has 2 tumors, one in the neck, the other in the esophagus, he has had radiation which has shrunk the tumor in his esophagus and turned the other tumor to dust (so his been told) He has been told he can have the surgery to remove the tumor in the esophagus, but because this is a major surgery he has decided to wait until October when he is due to have another MRI to see if the tumor has started to grow again, if it hasn't then he is going to take it one day at a time and not have the surgery, but if the tumor shows any signs of changes then he has no choice but to have the surgery.

Please keep Charlie in your prayers, thank you. :ympray:
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Re: Prayer Request for Charlie

Postby WV_Shell » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:13 pm

prayers :ympray:
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Re: Prayer Request for Charlie

Postby Beaj » Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:24 pm

Will add Charlie to my prayers... :ympray:
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Re: Prayer Request for Charlie

Postby Jackie » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:22 pm

Will add Charlie, to my prayers, too! :ympray:

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