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Exchange Rules

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Exchange Rules

Postby stitchcrazy » Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:52 pm

Please read through these rules before joining exchanges.

To join an exchange you must be an active member of the board. For now, it means that you must be a member for at least one month and posted within that month. This will change in the future and for the first (July 2017) exchange exceptions might be made. For and exception please contact stitchcrazy or Beaj.

Take note of the dates for signups, once the partners have been set up no one else can join.

Post in the correct thread both when you send and when you receive your item.

Take care to send the correct item as specified in the signup thread. For example, do not send something that is way to small or large or the wrong material. If an incorrect item is sent you may be asked to send the correct item.

Do not send "extra" goodies in your envelope, while some might love to send along a little gift, others cannot and the bulk created makes it more expensive to mail. If you do receive an extra in your exchange package...Thank your partner privately by PM or e-mail not on the board.

The mailing deadline is firm. If an emergency occurs, and we all have them, notify either the organizer (stitchcrazy) or Beaj as well as the person you are to send to. If you are unable to send your item within 10 days of the deadline then when you receive the item that is sent to you send that item along to your partner.

Members who do not send their items on time will not be allowed to join additional exchanges.

Though I will do my best to make sure that everyone receives their item in each exchange, I cannot guarantee it.

Just a short note: Everyone is excited to receive their articles...if they are delayed because of an unforeseen reason please let us know so we are aware of what the issue is and can answer when someone is concerned about if they should re-send or not. If we know we can tell them. Thank You @};-

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